Events Update

Hello neighbors!


Good News! Similar to how we, as your Lake Management Association, heard your concerns about water level and made it rain, we’ve done it again. We’ve found an alternate location for the fireworks across the lake in the Kenglened area! Now we have just one last push to raise enough funds.

As of July 1st we we had just eclipsed the $3k mark which is still $5k away from our break-even point. I have seen a bunch of membership forms coming through this week but haven’t tracked the total. I’ve requested an update from our Treasurer and will update on the Facebook page as the days pass.

Donations can be made by e-transfer to

Cardboard Boat Race:

Eligibility: Only paid JLMA members with a signed waiver may enter
Location: 18 Evergreen Bay (search 18 Lutz Ave in Google Maps)
Time: 11:00 AM doors open, races starts at 12:00PM


1. The boat captain must register before the race.
2. The entire hull, superstructure and seating of all boats must be made entirely of corrugated cardboard.
3. Only corrugated cardboard is allowed. Any thickness is permitted. If it’s not corrugated don’t use it. This includes carpet tubes or barrels.
4. The hull may not be wrapped in plastic, duct tape, shrink wrap or anything else. Only seams and joints may be taped, not the whole boat.
5. Your boat must be free of sharp edges, pointy objects or anything else that could be a menace.
6. The boat’s passenger area must not be permanently enclosed above the occupants shoulders. Each person must be visible while the boat is in the water.
7. Absolutely NO use of the following items: Tar-based substances, two-part varnishes, fiberglass resin, epoxy glue, any other two part substances, or corrugated cardboard that’s bonded to any material.
8. To qualify as a finisher you must be IN your boat, not towing it in your teeth or between your legs.
9. No more then eight humans allowed in any boat.
10. Children under 12 must have an adult on the dock in case a rescue is needed.
11. All boat occupants musty wear a properly fastened life jacket while in the boat or water.
12. When finished racing, dispose of your boat in the garbage trailer. Do not leave it in the water or on the shore.
13. All boats are subject to technical inspection for compliance with these rules. A boat must pass inspection to be eligible for any award or prize. You will have a chance to fix a violation.

Additional Details:

You can drive and park here, but space is limited. There is a cul-de-sac so risk is low getting ticketed (famous last words I know). That said, the viewing area from my property is even more limited than the parking. Your best bet is have the boat dropped off and return by boat with spectators staying on the boat in the water. It got a bit congested on my dock. I have a huge dock, or at least that’s what I’m told, but I can only fit so many on it.
I’m in the process of trying to arrange a food truck for the day, but bring your own beverages. I’ll have some freezies and stuff for the kiddos.
Any questions please e-mail me directly at