Jackfish Lake

Welcome to Jackfish Lake, located approximately 60km west of Edmonton.

For generations, Jackfish Lake has been a treasured destination for those in search of the ideal spot for recreation and relaxation. While the lake is a coveted location for seasonal cottages, it has also become a popular location for year-round homes. The lake also has a County-run day use area that includes a boat launch.
For over 25 years, the residents of Jackfish Lake have worked closely with each another, with the Government of Alberta and with Parkland County to attempt to address lake ecosystem challenges with the intent of ensuring the lake’s long term viability and environmental sustainability. With the continued engagement and support of our stakeholders, the Jackfish Lake Management Association is committed to ensuring a healthy lake for the continued enjoyment of both residents and visitors.

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Jackfish Lake

Management Association

The Jackfish Lake Management Association is an independent community-based, non-profit organization formed in 1995.  The mission of the JLMA is to provide for the management and conservation of Jackfish Lake resources for present and future generations; specifically the management and conservation of:

·         surface use

·          safety

·         water quality

·         fish and wildlife

·         development.


Our goal is to cooperatively work with all levels of government and other agencies to achieve a harmonious balance between recreational use and development, and the preservation of environment and wildlife of Jackfish Lake.


·         To educate the Jackfish Lake residents and interest holders about the environmentally-sound use and management of the lake and its watershed.

·         To foster understanding and tolerance between various recreational groups and to promote enforcement of boating regulations for a safe and enjoyable recreational experience at Jackfish Lake.

·         To provide a full range of programs/services tailored for the unique ecological and social sensitivities found at Jackfish Lake.

·         To encourage other lake communities to consider establishing lake stewardship programs.

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