Help prevent crime

The Jackfish Lake Management Association promotes crime prevention and strongly encourages all residents to join the Holborn Rural Crime Watch Association, to keep an eye on each other’s property, to report all suspicious activity to the RCMP, and to take precautions against break-ins and theft.

Rural Crime Watch

The Jackfish Lake Management Association has teamed up with the Holborn Rural Crime Watch Association to expand its district to include Jackfish Lake.

Holborn is one of the most active and well-established Rural Crime Watch Associations in Parkland County, and its existing district is immediately adjacent to the lake (to the east and south). The Holborn association has established strong relationships with the Parkland RCMP and Parkland County Enforcement Services.

As rural crime rates continue to increase, there is greater strength in numbers when it comes to working together for crime prevention.

Membership in the Holborn Rural Crime Watch Association is voluntary, but we strongly encourage all residents to get involved. There is a one-time membership fee of $20 per household which includes two vinyl Rural Crime Watch signs, access to Holborn’s email fanout system, access to the Lightcatch crime alerts and reporting app, and increased opportunity for consultation with the RCMP and Parkland County Enforcement Services. Holborn also has a Facebook page through which it shares information, which we encourage everyone to follow and to participate in.

Participating in Rural Crime Watch means securing your property, keeping an eye on our community and your neighbours’ properties, working together to prevent crime, and immediately reporting any suspicious activity to law enforcement.

To apply for membership in the Holborn Rural Crime Watch Association, please download, print and complete the membership application form. Once your application has been completed, please email the Holborn Association at A representative from the association will then contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time to receive your application form and $20 membership fee, and to provide you with vinyl signs for your property as well as with membership information.

We encourage all Jackfish Lake residents and property owners to join in the shared interest of helping to prevent crime in our community.

Tips to avoid being targeted by a break-in:

  • Be a hard target: install locked gates, window bars, deadbolts and good-quality padlocks.
  • Lock up all items left outside including canoes, kayaks, bikes or ATVs. This includes securing trailers with hitch locks. Lock boats to docks or boat lifts. Do not leave keys on site.
  • Remove valuables from your cabin if you are closing up for the season. Place valuables out of sight when you are not around.
  • Install a security system in your cabin/ garage/ shop.
  • Ask your neighbours to keep an extra eye on your property and offer to do the same for them.
  • Remember that over the winter months thieves may approach your property from the lake, so ensure that access points from the lake side of your property are secured.